A Culture of Excellence



At Exhale, we believe that going the extra mile is what makes the ordinary extraordinary. That’s why our team of Home Care Experts and Home Managers are committed to doing whatever it takes to turn our members’ homes into the luxurious havens they deserve.

This passion doesn’t just set us apart from other home care providers—it defines our company culture, which we’ll explore here.

Care for the Whole Home

Our team thrives on bringing a full suite of home management services together into one seamless channel. From cleaning to landscaping to repairs, we recognize that jobs of all sizes are essential to maintaining a home’s ecosystem. In fact, we know it’s often the small things, like a freshly mowed lawn or a perfectly made bed, that make a house feel like a true retreat.

“Once I started working at Exhale, I got very good at paying attention to details. Now, I always try to leave a home in better shape than when I arrived.”
Jose, Exhale Home Care Expert

As our CEO and Founder, Matt Sheehan likes to say, “Homes don’t become havens just by snapping your fingers. The process happens when our Home Care Experts like Al or Jose perform a thorough inspection and work with a Home Manager to develop a customized home care plan specific to that property.”
This attention to detail spills over into everyday life at Exhale. Our members routinely comment on our team’s enthusiasm and humility, which we explain is genuine when you get to do what you love day-in and day-out.

Exceptional Service Comes Naturally

As a service-oriented business, we’re committed to serving each other as well as our members. Our associates know that when they’re not just encouraged but also given the resources to focus on their unique skills and passions, exceptional service follows naturally.

“That’s the whole idea—by empowering our people to be their absolute best and focus strictly on what they love to do, they want to go above and beyond. They want to help each other out. And they want to provide the best possible service to our members,” says Sheehan.

Passionate About the Small Stuff? Join Our Team.

It’s one thing to be detail-oriented. We’re detail-obsessed. Whether your trade is plumbing, painting, cleaning or landscaping, Exhale is a place for meticulous professionals to join forces for complete home care.

If you’re ready to invest in your trade and grow with a company that values your personal and professional development, visit our Careers page to learn more.

About Exhale Home Care

Exhale is a membership-based, full-suite home management service that turns Raleigh-area homes into luxurious havens. We provide our members with a full spectrum of concierge home care solutions, all with a refined and attentive approach.
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