We could spend all day telling you how we save our Members time, money and stress, but we’d rather they tell you themselves. Read what our current Members have to say about their experience with Exhale:

My husband and I consider the team as friends."
Exhale has been overseeing the care and maintenance of our home for over a year now. We built our new home three years ago and want to keep it in top condition. We are aging into our 70's and our lifestyle concept has been downsizing and simplifying. Exhale has met our needs and expectations extremely well. In addition to scheduling basic home maintenance services for us, they have responded quickly and professionally to additional requests like plumbing, electrical and painting.
Judy Batchelder Exhale Member Since 2023
This is what put me over the top about my membership with Exhale."
Before I left my house on Monday, the garbage pails were out at the street level and the garbage came yesterday morning. I was expecting to have to wheel in the pails when I got home. But Ray did that. And I just think, ‘He didn’t have to do that.’ I know it isn’t much taking in the garbage pail…but the fact that he had thought to do it, and that it was one less thing for me to have to do as I am running late for a meeting….Those little things are what I love about Exhale.”
Lori Exhale Member Since 2021
When my husband mentioned Exhale I was like, yes, please. Because I knew that it would lighten my load and just take some of the stress off of me."
Angel Exhale Member Since 2021
You have assembled a terrific team. They are responsive, professional, and great at their jobs. We are happy we decided to join the Exhale program."
Tiffany Exhale Member Since 2021
We just started using Exhale and Al’s been amazing! We’ve been in desperate need of a handyman for the past 2 years. I’m VERY thankful and DEFINITELY recommend them!"
Brittany Exhale Member Since 2021

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