Elevating Luxury Home Maintenance
For luxury custom home builders in the Triangle,
Exhale is offering a solution to alleviate common post-construction challenges.

Exhale's Builder Partnership Program

By partnering with Exhale, you can better differentiate your business within the Triangle's competitive market + ensure a seamless post-closing experience for you and your clients. Together, we'll create a customized program that is specially designed to take the stress out of:
  • Managing non-warranty callbacks
  • Lacking a team of dedicated handymen to execute pesky punch-list items
  • Supporting homeowners who are unprepared to handle home maintenance

Why Exhale?

Exhale is setting a new standard for luxury home maintenance—ensuring your custom builds maintain their value + your clients remain satisfied for years to come.

Reduce Non-Warranty Callbacks

Our team manages non-warranty service calls + requests—easing your workload + allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Punch List Partnership

Whether it's assembling furniture or hanging pictures, our highly experienced Handymen + Certified Trade Partners will handle inevitable punch-list items that arise during the move-in process so you don't have to!

Value Preservation

By offering your clients proactive home maintenance services, you are actively preserving the quality + value you've created—enhancing your brand + your business's reputation.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Our services help boost first-year homeowner satisfaction. Plus, you'll get all the credit for providing an innovative turnkey solution to your buyers!

How It Works

Gift a Customized Homebuyer Program

Boost your homes' luxury appeal with a bundled first-year maintenance plan + Exhale membership. In doing so, your clients gain access to essential services like HVAC, pest control, plumbing, appliance cleaning and general safety inspections.

Minimal Investment

We split the cost of the program with you. That way, you can provide your clients with premium services at no direct cost to them + minimal investment from you.

The Builder Program Process


Together, we'll design a custom home maintenance program that is specially tailored to your luxury builds.


The partnership program is presented to buyers at the start of their contracts, enhancing the value of your homes in clients' eyes.


As construction nears completion, you'll introduce Exhale to the homeowner via email, followed by a one-on-one consultation with Exhale representatives who explain the program in full.


We'll formalize the agreement with homeowners at closing.


Post-closing, Exhale will carry out your custom maintenance plan!

"I am building dreams for people. It is a dream that they're going to live in, and it may be the most expensive asset they own. I want them to think fondly of Homestead, my brand, and make their lives smoother. That's why I kept pressing this partnership with Exhale."
~ Dean Sackett, CEO of Homestead