Help your clients maintain the value of their big investments by including a year-long membership to Exhale in each new build! Together, we'll create a custom maintenance package for your clients—keeping their homes in tip-top shape from the moment they move in.

Craft your Homeowner Program with Exhale

Proactive Maintenance Services

Exhale will perform essential maintenance services of your choosing such as HVAC, pest control, appliance cleaning and more!

Dedicated Home Manager

A single point of contact to coordinate non-warranty maintenance services + quickly respond to your homeowners' emergency needs.

24/Access to Our Pro Handymen + Certified Vendor Network

Whether it's assembling furniture or hanging pictures, punch-list items are an inevitable part of the move-in process. Help your clients breathe easy by letting Exhale handle it all!

Ability to Add Recurring Services

Give your clients total peace of mind with a single point of contact who manages their home maintenance needs. Homeowners can simply contact their Home Manager before or after they move in to add + book additional services. Really, it's that easy.

Guardian Service

Our team will keep a watchful eye on your clients' properties—executing necessary tasks + handling sudden repairs while they're away.

What Your Custom Program Could Include


  • Dishwasher Filter Cleaning
  • Range Hood and Microwave Filter Cleaning + Ventilation Inspection
  • Refrigerator Compressor Coil Cleaning
  • Water Filter Replacement

General Safety

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Fence and Gate Inspection
  • Garage Door Inspection + Maintenance
  • Gas Fireplace Box Inspection and Cleaning
  • Inspect and Change Batteries for Smoke and CO Alarms


  • HVAC Filter Replacement with brand-name filters

Pest Control

  • General Pest Control
  • Mosquito Treatments
  • Yard Treatments (Tick/Ant/Flea)


  • B-Box Inspection (Main Water Line Valve)
  • Clean Faucet Aerators and Filters
  • Clean P-traps under All Sinks and Clean Shower Drains
  • Descale Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Washing Machine Hoses for Secure Fit + Leaks
"Even though a client's home is brand new, there's a disconnect because they expect it to be perfect forever and forget that they have to maintain it. That's why this partnership benefits our customers."
~ CEO of Homestead Building Company, Dean Sackett

If you are ready to elevate the client experience with minimal investment + promising returns, let's talk.